‘This mask doesn’t fit me’


There is a hashtag – and a movement of sorts – going around the autistic community at the moment called #TakeTheMaskOff. It is based in the knowledge that ‘masking’ for autistic people (ie being less ourselves, less noticeably ‘autistic’ in our expression, when around others and in situations like school or work or relationships with neurotypicals) is damaging to our mental health, invalidates us and eats away at our sense of who we are. I completely agree with these concerns. Masking takes a huge hit to our identity and psyche but even so, many of is do it. With all the significant negatives it entails, masking is seen by many of us as less traumatic than the judgement and prejudice we know from experience that  we will experience as autistics in the wider world – otherwise why would we do it? 

I long for a world we we…

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